Finding Wholesale Merchandise

General merchandise can be purchased in individual units or in bulk and resold online, in flea markets, or in stores. Crafters and manufacturers who create goods to sell may also invest in wholesale merchandise, parts, and accessories. Common items sold as wholesale merchandise offerings include things like apparel, jewelry, toys, electronics, foods, and more.

Benefits Of Buying Wholesale Merchandise

The benefits of buying wholesale merchandise are many. An investment in wholesale products allows for a reseller or retailer to generate a profit in any business. Wholesalers purchase goods and items from companies and importers. A wholesaler will commonly invest in large quantities of product. The wholesaler, in turn, resells the items to retailers or resellers in quantities smaller than the wholesale merchandise was originally purchased for. Then, resellers offer the items that they purchase to members of the general public. Since resellers sell to consumers, many wholesalers do not sell items directly to consumers. Retailers and resellers are getting products that have serious price reductions. If you are consumer that gets access to wholesale general merchandise offers you are saving a lot of money. This is because you are cutting out the reseller and working directly with the wholesaler.

When you purchase products for wholesale prices you will be able to afford to buy the merchandise at bulk prices. You can stock up your inventory with greater ease and bulk ordering ensures that you have fewer orders to handle. With fewer orders, you pay reduced shipping fees and you have less work in terms of managing your resale inventory.

Wholesalers offer you the ability to buy wholesale general merchandise online. This allows you to compare the vast varieties of products available as well as prices. Buying wholesale will let you invest in popular products, the most recent fashion trends, and it can sometimes allow you to find difficult to find, coveted products as well. Sometimes, after establishing a business relationship with a general merchandise wholesaler, you gain the ability to negotiate the terms of your ordering. This may allow you to gain greater lines of credit with a wholesaler so you can use your liquid assets for other areas of your business.

Finding The Best Wholesale General Merchandise Online

When you are researching wholesalers, take some time to browse the inventory of every wholesaler under consideration. Get familiar with the product that the wholesaler offers, and see if the wholesaler charges you for small orders. Examine the return policy as well since it will be important to know where you stand if you ever need to return an order. Make sure you only work with a wholesaler that offers you a satisfaction guarantee or a warranty on the goods that you buy as well.

When examining a wholesaler, research the company's reputation. See how long the company has been distributing wholesale goods, and check out the company's contact details to make sure the company is legitimate. You should also look into whether or not the wholesaler takes the time to thoroughly inspect the products that they receive from importers; this will ensure you get a quality product.

As you look at the products available to you, it is your responsibility to review product descriptions. If a wholesaler does not offer you a listing of product specifications, you should contact the seller to find out more details. Never order products from a wholesaler if you are not 100 percent sure about what it is you are ordering.

Top Websites For Wholesale General Merchandise

Wholesale Store Suppliers

Wholesale Store Suppliers is a popular supplier among retailers that own convenience stores, 99 cent stores, dollar stores, hardware stores, small markets, and discount stores. The company presently has over 100000 items to choose from in their inventory. Products include trade show supplies, toys, games, tools, eyewear, stationary, silk flowers, pet products, perfumes, novelty products, and lighters. Wholesale Store Suppliers also sells greeting cards, gift bags, beverages, and crafts. For more information visit http://www.wholesalestoresuppliers.com.

JC Sales

JC Sales is a popular wholesaler because the company offers monthly promotions and specials. To place an order with this company you must have a retail license. This company sells wholesale general merchandise to distributors, grocery stores, convenience store owners, pharmacies, discount stores, and dollar stores. You will need to provide the company with a copy of your photo id, your state tax license, your business license and you will have to complete a registration application online in order to buy merchandise from JC Sales. A minimum ordering requirement of $1000.00 is required. For more information visit http://www.jcsaleswholesale.com/.

DPJ Wholesale

DPJ Wholesale sells wholesale merchandise to small businesses, large companies, retailers online, flea market vendors, dollar store owners, convenience store owners, and retail locations around the world. The company has worldwide shipping options. The minimum order you can place is $50.00. The company offers you an online catalog that you can browse. For more information visit http://www.dpjwholesale.com/.

Finding More Wholesale General Merchandise Online

There are several online directories you can browse to find wholesalers specializing in the sale of general merchandise. Each directory provides you with brief information about available wholesalers. You also get access to live links where you can view what merchandise the wholesalers have to offer.


WholesaleDirect.com is a directory where you can search for wholesalers based on the products you are seeking. You can scan through a list of featured sellers and the site offers you access to a product locator tool. You also get access to a trade show calendar. For more information visit http://www.wholesalecentral.com/General-Merchandise.html.

Top Ten Wholesale.com ®

Top Ten Wholesale.com ® is a directory listing a wide range of wholesalers specializing in the sale of general merchandise like watches, toys, shoes, jewelry, handbags, electronics, clothing, and apparel. The site will help you find what you are looking for out of the 1,000,000 potential products you can buy. For more information visit http://www.toptenwholesale.com/.

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